Meet the Showgirls

Twilights don't bite unless you ask nice



Cherry Lix

The long stemmed hoyden Cherry Lix hails from the deep south, and is a coast-to-coast veteran of the stage. Her New York appearances include Fez and the Slipper Room, and she’s covered every corner of San Francisco – from the Victoria Theater to the Vavavoom Room. From a family of award winning dancers, at the age of 2 she wanted to break out of the ethnic dance and ballroom mold to become a Solid Gold Dancer. Nonetheless, most recently she wants to be Ashley Sharp… when she isn’t channeling Ginger Rogers. A founding Twilight Vixen Revue member, Cherry is the mind behind guerrilla burlesque and a costumer of anything that doesn't move fast enough. Cherry teaches yoga and when she isn't dancing or stretching, carouses the world with her tiny pal Murphy.





Penny Whistle

Penny made her dancing & singing debut in an opera as Little Miss Muffet at the tender age of 8.  Over twenty years later, she continues to charm and delight audiences across the country.  She began her local performance career as Jake in BoyWonder, the Bay Area’s first drag king boyband, in 2001.  She then helped create the Transformers, and danced and choreographed with them through 2004 (winning the 2004 San Francisco Drag King contest).  Penny Whistle was also an original member of Diamond Daggers (performing as Pinky Swear), Hogwarts Express (performing as Her My-Place-Or-Yours), and ButchTap (performing as Wolfe Whistle).  She joined forces with Cherry Lix and Daisy Delight in early 2006 to start Twilight Vixen Revue, and hasn’t looked back since.  Penny’s special talents include lightning fast choreography lessons, tap dancing, excessive eyelashes and a nice rack.




Veronica Velvet

If there is a devil among us, it is Veronica Velvet.  Slipping slyly into the hearts of Twilight viewers everywhereVeronica seduces with her sublime smile, but her moves leave you stuttering on your knees.  Veronica harkens from the down under, a place to which she doesn't hesitate to return.  But don't think that she's all tart.  A lifelong dancer with performance experience in burlesque, belly dance and acro dance, Veronica designs and sews costumes, makes hats, and brings us an endless array of twisted ideas to execute.

Catch her traveling the world, parading as Marie Antoinette, singing at the Moulin Rouge, bossing the music makers, shaking it at Shimmy Pop or delicately placing a sequin just-so to make your sweet little nether parts sing.




Breezy Cheeks

Breezy joined the Twilight Vixen Revue in 2008, but her future as a buxom showgirl was written in her DNA. Leave baby Breezy alone for one second and she’d strip down to her birthday suit and run circles in the living room – diaper be-damned. If you’re lucky enough to pass by her window these days, you might see her pulling a perfectly roasted chicken from the oven -- wearing nothing but her stunning smile.

Born a Taurus in the year of the golden sheep, Breezy never followed the herd. As a toddler on the central coast she soared to great heights in the tap and jazz circuit (of the 3-foot-tall variety). All grown up, Breezy landed squarely in the lap of the Cockivores – a drag troupe with a vicious craving for phallic mockery only George Michaels and Prince could satisfy. As Cocksy Curvey, Breezy wowed the crowds performing with Margaret Cho at the old skool burlesque hub, Bimbos. Breezy’s contributions to the Vixens go well beyond her obvious… assets… she is also the Official Twilight Vixen Hair Teaser.




Mimi DeMure

Hailing from prim and proper New England, Ms. Mimi DeMure had the good fortune to be born into a family of dancers and musicians. Her dance training began at the tender young age of four, when she joined her aunts’ dance classes at the local ladies’ auxiliary. Since then, she’s dabbled in every kind of dance she could find, from afro brazilian to zydeco, square to swing.

Despite all that dance practice, Mimi stayed demurely out of the spotlight–until she met the Vixens, that is, who lured out her inner showgirl. Now, captivated by the allure of the stage, she performs in all sorts of guises. She’s become equally adept at false eyelashes and false mustaches, but you may be hard pressed to recognize her drag-king alter-ego.




Ivanna Spanking

Ivanna Spanking is our resident blonde bombshell with classically trained opera pipes and many a hidden piercing. When not on stage, this pert coquette sews for the troupe, swims like Esther Williams and at home pets not one, but TWO pussies (oh that we were all soooo lucky) and the precious chihuahua Penny. Ivanna’s goal in life is to become a mermaid, but if you listen, beware, she already qualifies as one dangerous Siren.






Sugar & spice & everything nice? Well, not exactly.  Cupcake is a pint-sized punch in the groin…with a mouth like a truck driver, but a heart of gold.  Pastry chef by day, walker of dachsunds and cleaner of cat puke by night, she is a force to be reckoned with.  astry Chef by day, walker of dachshunds and cleaner of cat puke by night, she is clearly a force to be reckoned with. 

Cuppy has been performing since she can remember- school plays, dance recitals, talent competitions and the like. She was the founder and producer of Oakland’s First Friday Follies for nearly 3 years and has been performing since early 2007 in the Bay Area burlesque scene.  A ham by nature (and definitely naughty by nature!), Cupcake loves to dance and bring smiles to the peoples’ faces!  Hailing from Cincinnati, she has been in California for 16 years but retains her “Midwest Sensibilities.”




Other Twilights We Love and Miss


Daisy Delight... pushing baby daisys for a minute.

  Scarlett Bottoms... currently too scarlett to dance.
  Violet Petals... exploring ethnic dance for a few.

Lola la Mae... parking the car in Harvard Yard.

Bella Peppers... occupied keeping Berkeley head cases together.

Ophelia Love... still feeling, loving, dancing.
Jasmine Tease... stopping to smell the roses and other racy pursuits.
 Founders Daisy Delight, Scarlett Bottoms, Penny Whistle, Cherry Lix