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We can do your party, or your variety show, or your saucy little fundraiser. Contact us to spice up your next affair.

To book us, email or call 510-712-7739

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Our rates vary, depending on any number of factors, such as the number of acts we perform, the length of the show, the number of performers, the type of performance, travel, etc... We charge anywhere from $100-$1000, so please contact us for an exact quote.

The Twilight Vixen Revue is San Francisco’s Sensational Sextet, a dazzling troupe of classic showgirls taking audiences back to a Golden Age with a repertoire of Broadway favorites, jazz standards and contemporary favorites delivered with stylized allure. Sharp dancing and exquisite costumes come together in unforgettable line-ups.

Winners of the “Best Burlesque Act in the Bay Area,” four years in a row (2007 -2010), The Twilight Vixen Revue was founded in 2005 by the talented trio of Penny Whistle, Daisy Delight and Cherry Lix.  With a belief that in the age of overproduced MTV, there was still beauty in real girls, live production, old fashioned finery and theatrical choreography, they hit the stages and have traveled to entertain audiences throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

This troupe is characterized by unquestionable glamour and taste, inspired by Busby Berkeley, Bob Fosse, and the Gold Diggers of 1935.

The founders are joined by the unsurpassed talents of Cupcake, Mimi Demure, Breezy Cheeks,  and vocalist, Ivanna Spanking.


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Giving back:

The gals of the Twilight Vixen Revue sometimes donate performances to good work ranging from fundraising for breast cancer to HIV/AIDS services, to hospice care, to community building. Contact us early, as our calendar fills up quickly!

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"They simply are one of the most recognizable and popular burlesque acts around."
- Maxwell Wood, November, 2010

"Twilight Vixen Revue got the party started at Berkeley Rep! These sultry dancers really know how to seduce their audience while still displaying timeless beauty and class. There was never a dull moment in the performance with Penny Whistle's playfully sexy hosting, and Cherry Lix and Bella Peppers' enchanting dance moves. Our audiences (and even Carrie Fisher!) couldn't get enough of these ladies!"
-Berkeley Rep Review

"And as always, you beauties were the best show-stopper Grand Finale a Kingfish could hope for."
-Kingfish, Producer, Hubba Hubba Review

"Boy do they ever entertain!"
-Betty Sullivan, Betty's List (

"If you have a pulse, these beguiling burlesque beauties are bound bring it up. A seductively sequined showgirl display that is not for the faint of heart. The things these girls can do in heels... "
-Dr. Hannibal Lecture, Citizen Kings

"My naughty busby berkeley dream come true."
-Mynx D'Meanor, local burlesque soloist, September 2006

"The beautiful burlesque troupe, Twilight Vixen Revue, outdid themselves while the judges deliberated going from tuxedo clad hotties to fan dancing nudies."
-Dick DuJour, San Francisco Bay Times