Heart Attack Aboard Carnival Cruise Raises Questions About ‘Deaths on the High Seas’ Law🤔

This article delves into the events surrounding the heart attack aboard Carnival cruise, examines the legal complexities related to the "Death on the High Seas Act," and sheds light on the challenges faced by families seeking compensation and justice.

A tragic incident aboard the Carnival Magic cruise ship has ignited discussions about the legal implications of a century-old U.S. law governing "death on the high seas.

"Alonzo Bristol, an 88-year-old retired Air Force veteran, suffered a heart attack and passed away while on a cruise with his wife, Hazel Bristol, and a family friend.

The incident has left the family grieving and seeking answers regarding the emergency response from the ship's staff during the critical moments.

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The Heart Attack Aboard Carnival Cruise

On a fateful May night during their cruise from the Bahamas back to Norfolk, Virginia, Alonzo and Hazel Bristol found themselves walking to their room after dinner with a family friend.

Alonzo, who had earlier complained of dizziness, collapsed in the hallway, suffering from a heart attack. Despite the severity of the medical emergency, the initial response from the ship's staff seemed slow and unprepared.

Hazel Bristol recounted her frustration as custodial workers recognized the medical situation before higher-level crew members arrived. Tragically, it was a fellow guest who managed to contact the ship's medical personnel for assistance.

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Allegations Against Carnival Cruise Line

Heart Attack Aboard Carnival Cruise Raises
Heart Attack Aboard Carnival Cruise Raises

The Bristol family has expressed anger and dismay over what they perceive as a delayed emergency response by Carnival Cruise Line.

They claim that none of the staffers performed lifesaving measures on Alonzo while he lay on the floor in distress.

According to Hazel Bristol, the staff struggled to get their communication devices to work correctly when trying to call for medical personnel.

Carnival Cruise Line has defended its actions, stating that its shipboard staff followed emergency procedures, including performing CPR and using an automated external defibrillator (AED) on Alonzo.

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Understanding the Death on the High Seas Act

The family's pursuit of legal action has encountered significant challenges due to the Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA).

This century-old admiralty law governs the recovery of damages for deaths occurring beyond 3 nautical miles from the United States shores.

However, DOHSA only allows recovery for specific damages related to lost wages and loss of financial support provided by the deceased.

It prohibits the recovery of damages for pain and suffering in wrongful death cases aboard a cruise ship. This limitation has frustrated many families seeking justice for their loved ones.

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In addition to the DOHSA's limitations, passengers aboard cruise ships face legal hurdles due to the ticket contract they must agree to before embarking on their journey.

The contract makes passengers aware that medical care on board may be limited or delayed and that medical evacuation may not be available in certain areas.

It also states that passengers' own health insurance may not cover medical services received on the ship. Cruise lines strongly encourage passengers to purchase travel insurance to offset potential medical costs, and the Bristol family had done so prior to their cruise.

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Challenges with Medical Care on Cruises

Tom Scolaro, an attorney with experience in medical lawsuits against cruise lines, shed light on the state of medical care aboard cruise ships.

He expressed concerns about the quality of medical care, noting that ship physicians are often not educated or trained in the U.S. and may lack board certifications in their fields.

Moreover, the resources on board are limited, and decisions about medical evacuation are left to the discretion of the ship's medical staff.

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The heart attack tragedy aboard the Carnival Magic cruise ship has raised significant questions about the "Death on the High Seas Act" and the challenges faced by families seeking compensation and justice for cruise-related fatalities.

As the legal and medical complexities continue to be debated, it is essential for cruise lines to prioritize passenger safety and ensure adequate emergency response protocols.

Families affected by such incidents call for improvements to the existing legal framework to provide more comprehensive support for those who suffer loss at sea.

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