Eagles Finally Unveil Kelly Green Jerseys for the 2023 Season🏈

Philadelphia Eagles fans, get ready to celebrate as the team is bringing back the iconic kelly green jerseys as an alternate for the 2023 season.

After years of anticipation, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has fulfilled fans' wishes and announced the official return of the beloved kelly green uniforms.

The jerseys, along with a range of gear, will be available for purchase starting on Monday at all three Eagles pro shop locations.

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The Long-Awaited Return

The Eagles have a rich history tied to the kelly green jerseys, which they wore from 1935 to 1995. However, in 1996, the team made the switch to the now-familiar midnight green, a decision that left many fans nostalgic for the classic kelly green look. The clamor for these throwback jerseys has been constant over the years, and finally, the wait is over.

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The Rule Change

One major hurdle preventing the return of the kelly green jerseys was the NFL's rule that limited teams to using only one helmet design.

However, in June 2021, the NFL announced a rule change that would allow teams to use two different helmets beginning with the 2022 season. This change opened the door for the Eagles to bring back the kelly green jerseys as an alternate uniform.

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Jeffrey Lurie's Mission

Eagles Finally Unveil Kelly Green Jerseys for the 2023 Season
Eagles Finally Unveil Kelly Green Jerseys for the 2023 Season

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has been committed to reintroducing the kelly green jerseys for quite some time. He wanted to ensure that the uniforms were authentic and complete with a matching kelly green helmet, rather than settling for decals on a different-colored helmet.

The Eagles worked closely with Nike to recreate the precise shade of Kelly green, as it was not part of Nike's current color palette.

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A Hope for the Future

While the Kelly green jerseys are set to make a triumphant return for the 2023 season, Jeffrey Lurie still hopes for further rule changes that would allow two alternate helmets.

This would enable the Eagles to have both a Kelly green and a black alternate uniform in the same season, giving fans even more exciting choices to support their team.

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The long-awaited return of the kelly green jerseys marks a special moment for Philadelphia Eagles fans. Jeffrey Lurie's dedication to bringing back this beloved look has paid off, and the upcoming 2023 season will be filled with nostalgia and excitement as the Eagles take the field in their classic kelly green uniforms.

Whether you're a die-hard fan or simply appreciate the history of the NFL, the sight of the Eagles in Kelly green is sure to evoke fond memories of the team's storied past. Get ready to show your support as the Eagles make a statement with their iconic throwback jerseys.

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