Who Will Replace Trevon Diggs? Dallas Cowboy Cornerback Shuffle Unveiled

The Dallas Cowboys face a formidable challenge with star cornerback Trevon Diggs sidelined due to a season-ending knee injury sustained during a Thursday practice session.

As a linchpin of the Cowboys' defense, Diggs' absence presents a significant hurdle for the 2023 NFL season, leaving fans and analysts pondering: "Who will step up to replace Trevon Diggs?"

In the immediate future, the answer lies in DaRon Bland, a fifth-round pick from 2022. While initially slotting into the nickel position, Bland now takes on the role of primary outside cornerback. However, Bland is just one piece of the puzzle; the entire secondary must adapt and rise to the challenge.

DaRon Bland: The Rising Star

DaRon Bland, a newcomer to the NFL in 2022, faces a demanding task as he transitions from the slot to the high-pressure outside cornerback role.

Nonetheless, this move underscores Bland's talent and potential. Despite being a rookie, Bland has exhibited promise and agility on the field, making him a hopeful candidate to fill Diggs' shoes.

Summary of who will replace Trevon Diggs

Injury DateTrevon Diggs suffered a knee injury during practice on September 22, 2023.
Immediate ReplacementDaRon Bland is announced to transition from nickel to outside corner.
Supporting CornerbackStephon Gilmore, an offseason acquisition, will be the No. 1 cornerback.
Potential Lineup InclusionNoah Igbinoghene might also join the starting lineup.

Stephon Gilmore's Veteran Leadership

Stephon Gilmore, joining the Cowboys from the Indianapolis Colts, is a seasoned veteran accustomed to the spotlight.

As a regular Pro Bowler, he is expected to assume the role of the Cowboys' top cornerback. Gilmore's experience and expertise are invaluable during this period of transition.

Noah Igbinoghene's Opportunity

Another contender in the mix is Noah Igbinoghene, a first-round draft pick by the Miami Dolphins in 2020. Igbinoghene's NFL journey has had its ups and downs, but this presents a significant opportunity for him to establish himself and showcase why he was a top pick. The team hopes he can rise to the occasion and contribute effectively.

Jourdan Lewis Steps In

With DaRon Bland moving to the outside, Jourdan Lewis is ready to step into Bland's former slot position after recovering from a foot injury.

Known for his reliability and stability, Lewis's return comes at a crucial moment, providing much-needed solidity to the secondary.

The Impact of Trevon Diggs' Injury

When a player of Trevon Diggs' caliber is sidelined, it has ripple effects throughout the team. It's not just about finding a replacement; it's about adapting defensive strategies and game plans.

Nevertheless, Coach Mike McCarthy and owner Jerry Jones express confidence in the team's depth, particularly in the cornerback position, believing the Cowboys can weather this storm.


Filling Trevon Diggs' sizable shoes is undoubtedly a challenge, but the Cowboys have a plan in motion. With players like DaRon Bland, Stephon Gilmore, and Jourdan Lewis stepping up, the Cowboys' defense retains a fighting chance.

While the situation is far from ideal, it offers an opportunity for other talented players to shine. The 2023 NFL season promises to be an intriguing one for the Cowboys, and fans will be watching with great anticipation.


Who will directly replace Trevon Diggs?

DaRon Bland, a fifth-round pick from 2022, will step in as the replacement for Trevon Diggs.

Who will assume the role of the Cowboys' primary cornerback?

Stephon Gilmore, acquired in an offseason trade, is expected to take on the role of the Cowboys' primary cornerback.

Where will Jourdan Lewis play?

Jourdan Lewis will fill DaRon Bland's former slot position.

How long will Trevon Diggs be out?

Trevon Diggs is expected to miss the entire 2023 NFL season due to his injury.

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